Alcohol Infused For the Adult Cupcake Lover! - November Drawing for "Free Cupcakes" !

Looking Forward to serving you again Soon!!!

Cupcake Flavor Options

Red Velvet w/ Hennessy
Red velvet cupcake with Hennessy spiked cream cheese frosting

Sex on the Beach
Peachy keen cupcake with Sex on the Beach spiked frosting

Incredible Hulk
Green velvet cupcake with Incredible Hulk spiked cookies n’ cream frosting

Bourbon Banana Pudding
Fluffy butter yellow cupcake with Bourbon spiked banana pudding frosting

Strawberry Moscato
Light strawberry flavored cupcake with Pink Moscato spiked frosting

Pink Lemonade
 Lemon flavored cupcake with Pink Moscato and lemon spiked frosting

Jack Black
Black chocolate cupcake with Jack Daniels spiked black chocolate frosting

Pineapple 1800 Margarita
 Lightly flavored pineapple cupcake with Pineapple 1800 Margarita spiked frosting

Rum Runner
Butter base cupcake with Rum Runner spiked butter cream frosting

Crown Apple
Butter yellow cupcake with Crown Apple spiked frosting

Bourbon Butter Pecan
Butter cupcake with Bourbon spiked Butter Pecan frosting

Carolina Blue Hpnotiq
Sweet yellow cupcake Hpnotiq spiked frosting

S'more Jack
Butter yellow cupcake with Jack Daniels spiked chocolate frosting

Malibu Black
Lightly flavored coconut cupcake with Malibu Black Rum spiked frosting

Coconut Key lime Rum
Lightly flavored coconut cupcake with Malibu Rum spiked key lime flavored frosting

Drunken Rum Raisin
Lightly flavored spice cupcake with Rum butter cream frosting

Berry Kinky Lemon
Lemon cupcake with Kinky Vodka spiked frosting with a splash of lemon

Kinky Vodka
Lightly flavored butter cake with Kinky spiked frosting with a splash of Vodka

Strawberry Vixen
Butter cake with Strawberry and Vodka spiked butter cream frosting

Peach Schnapps with Vodka
Peach flavored cupcake with Peach Schnapps and Vodka spiked frosting

Coconut Ciroc
Coconut Cupcake spiked with Coconut Ciroc flavored frosting

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